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A New Way to Buy Products for Your Dog

Gold Dog Whistle specializes in quality products for dogs and their humans, with a focus on those made in the USA. Dogs touch our lives in so many ways. They play, work, and give unconditional love even when we might not feel like we deserve it. 

The safety you want for your canine family member

Safety and Quality Go Hand-in-Hand

Let’s face it, you can buy all kinds of pet products from any number of stores online and in your neighborhood. The problem is that you can’t always find the types of products you can feel safe about. At Gold Dog Whistle, we limit our inventory to those products that are made in the USA. Most online stores carry products from China so they pay low prices and get bigger profits. Our products are for dog owners who would rather pay a little more for higher quality and better safety.

Products for you, your dog, and any dog lover

Comfort, Fun, and Peace of Mind

Dogs can turn almost anything into a toy, or even a snack! Anything that goes in your pet’s mouth poses a risk. Gold Dog Whistle offers products for hardy chewers, nervous dogs, and those that don’t know the limits about what to put in their mouth. Everything matters to their safety and well-being from the beds they sleep on to the ball that they can’t stop chasing!

Supporting a Luxury Lifestyle

You know that feeling that gets you right in the heart when you see an adorable puppy picture? (Yep, just like the one to the right.) The feeling you get when you look at your own four-legged family member is even stronger. You want to give them everything they want to make them happy.

That's where Gold Dog Whistle comes in! It isn't just about getting the things you and your pet need to get by. It's getting the quality of products they need to make them feel like a pampered pooch every single day.

Whether it's a comfy new dog bed that's just right for their sleeping style or healthy treats and foods that increases their energy and improves their digestion, you'll find everything you need to indulge your dog right here.

Most Products Made in the USA
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