Tips On Dog Safety: #1 Keep Your Dog From Going Missing

Dog safety is one of the most important issues to dog owners and it applies to every aspect of your fur baby’s life. Whether it’s worries over what goes into your pet’s diet or keeping him safe from dog thieves, there is a lot to think about. Unfortunately, many pet owners realize too late that any pet can go missing under certain circumstances.

So many of the groups that I follow feature lost and found pets. It’s amazing how many pets are lost every single day – and the few recoveries there are. I know from experience what it’s like to have a dog go missing without ever finding out what happened. Not only do you have to deal with the grief your loss causes, but also the guilt of knowing you could have prevented the loss. Read More…

Why Shopping for Dog Products Shouldn't Be a Reflex Action

For most of us, buying treats or toys is spontaneous. We see something at the store that looks good, check the price, and toss it into the cart. You feel like you’ve made a thoughtful choice. But how much more consideration did you give your purchase than your dog might have in the same position?

Dogs can’t shop for themselves. If they could, most would head straight to the treats and meaty dog food without a second glance at dog toys, beds, or a cute little bandana for the upcoming holidays.

Dogs are driven by instinct and a strong sense of smell. That’s why it’s up to you to make the best choices for them. If you aren’t taking the time or pains to look for dog products made in the USA, you aren’t getting the best products for your dog’s well-being. Read More…

You want to share everything with your furry BFF, including your top-notch hair grooming products. The problem is that the same shampoo that does wonders for your hair could actually cause damage to your dog’s coat and skin.

The (Not-So-Obvious) Difference Between Humans and Dogs

Of course, there are lots of differences between you and your dog. You can tell that just by looking into that sweet face. But we are talking specifically about the differences in your skin and theirs. Your dog’s skin has a pH of 6.2 – 7.4 which is in the neutral range.  Human skin, on the other hand, has a pH of 5.5 – 5.6 which is more acidic. Human shampoos are formulated to clean skin that falls within this pH range. Read More…

From the time your dog is a little puppy, you are the center of his universe. You are the source of his food, his affection, and any other care he needs. Great! Unconditional love is one of the top reasons that most of us get a dog to start with. But your veterinarian should be right there at the top of the list for favorite people for both of you.

Choose a Veterinarian You Both Agree On

I had a beagle mix that I adored from the time I was three years old until she died of heart disease during my teens. I lived in a rural area where we had a limited number of veterinarians who saw dogs. When our regular vet retired, there was only one other choice. That doctor ended up being the only person my dog ever bit in her life.

In retrospect, I know I should have made the effort to take her to another doctor It wasn’t just that she didn’t like him. I didn’t really like him either. He had an odd disposition and didn’t really take the time to talk to me or get to know my dog. (Honestly, I think the white patent leather shoes put me over the top!)

Read more…

If given a choice, many consumers would choose products “Made in America” over those made in foreign countries. When it comes down to it, too many of us choose an item based on price first. It’s one thing when you’re making a major purchase where quality matters. But how vigilant are you at buying American-made when it comes to dog products like pet beds, dog apparel, pet food, or toys?

 The “Made in USA” Label

The biggest effort people make to buy American is to look for a red, white, and blue symbol on a product. But the issue of Made in the USA is a little more complex. Some products with the Made in USA label are only partially made here.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the job of determining what products meet the “all or virtually all” standard connected with the label. In the U.S., manufacturers are only required to disclose the U.S. content on automobiles, textile, wool, and fur products. Read More…

To say I am a lifelong dog owner wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration. After an emotional campaign that included pleading and bargaining on a daily basis, my father finally gave in and got me my first puppy when I was three years old.

“Caspy”, whom I named after my favorite cartoon “Casper” at the time, was a beagle mix. I still remember going to a man’s house where there were all kinds of dogs running around outside. The litter of puppies from which I got to choose her was in a big box in front of the front porch. I made a good choice; she was a really great dog and a wonderful companion until I lost her when I was in high school.

Pet ownership was a lot different in those days. Read More…

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