Daisy & Lucy

Daisy & Lucy brings fashion to your dog’s wardrobe. They are an original pioneer canine apparel company, dating back to 1990. Their design repertoire includes adorable & provocative t-shirts, flamboyant dresses, and fashionable outerwear. Whether you’re looking for your precious pup to wear for a special occasion or just to make a statement, there’s something from Daisy & Lucy to suit the occasion.

Barley’s Bowties is Daisy & Lucy’s sister company, offering the same versatility of style and quality craftsmanship for your male pup. There are lots of designs to give your dog the level of sophistication and charm that suits him to a tee!

Offering you safe, high-quality products is a top priority at the Gold Dog Whistle. Daisy & Lucy meets our standards by making every item in the U.S.A from high-quality, long-lasting materials.

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