Why Shopping for Dogs Shouldn’t Be a Reflex Action

For most of us, buying treats or toys is spontaneous. We see something at the store that looks good, check the price, and toss it into the cart. You feel like you’ve made a thoughtful choice. But how much more consideration did you give your purchase than your dog might have in the same position?
Dogs can’t shop for themselves. If they could, most would head straight to the treats and meaty dog food without a second glance at dog toys, beds, or a cute little bandana for the upcoming holidays.
Dogs are driven by instinct and a strong sense of smell. That’s why it’s up to you to make the best choices for them. If you aren’t taking the time or pains to look for dog products made in the USA, you aren’t getting the best products for your dog’s well-being.
How Most People Shop for Dog Beds, Collars, and More
If you just pick up what you need for your dog at the grocery store or supercenter while getting other items that you need, you aren’t alone. The convenience of having everything you need under one roof is what keeps these stores in business. They are counting on you to make spontaneous buys.
Sometimes you need something for your dog that these stores don’t have, for instance a pair of toenail clippers – then you might head out to your local pet store. Pet stores are more likely to have specialty items or larger items like dog beds, dog collars, or grooming products.
A pet store might have a wider selection so that you can get the size or color you have in mind. If it doesn’t cost a lot, that’s even better! You always enjoy a good deal on anything that you buy. But the savings you get on cheap treats, toys, dog collars, dog beds, and other pet products can end up costing your pet dearly.
Too often, pet owners base their purchases on price alone. They don’t consider where the product was made or what the ingredients are. If you did a little research on some of the potential dangers to your pet, you’d probably be a lot more careful about everything you buy your pet.
Do a Walk-Through in the Pet Department or Local Pet Store
The next time you go into the grocery or your local pet store, spend some time looking at the labels. Browse a wide variety of items including everything from treats to toys, and grooming supplies. You might be surprised to find that nearly, if not all, of the products sold are made in China.
It’s easy to overlook the importance of where things like dog beds or dog apparel are made. It’s different than something that your dog eats, right? But that isn’t necessarily true. Like humans, dogs can absorb some types of toxins through their skin. That’s why the quality of materials your pet comes into contact with matters just like those you feed them.
Dogs don’t always distinguish very well between what is edible and what isn’t. They are likely to chew on their beds or leash as they are on chew-toys or bully sticks. Destructive chewers might shred big items into small pieces that they ingest. That puts them at risk in two ways – from ingesting something they can’t digest and something that is toxic.
The Right Dog Products Are Better for All of Your Little Ones
Nothing is better than seeing your child grow up with your fur baby as a playmate. They might play together on the floor and share their toys. That means that not only should your dog’s toys be safe and non-toxic for them, but also for your human baby.
That means you need to be aware of all the potential hazards of products you buy including those for all of your family members. Start with where the toys are made, but don’t stop there. Look at the actual ingredients and see if it says “non-toxic” on the label or in the product description.
Dogs have their own preferences for the toys they spend time with. Some love the challenge of working to get a treat out of the middle. Others are content with carrying around a stick. In the end, it’s up to you to learn what items might present a threat to your fur baby and which products were made with their safety in mind!
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